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Finnish sauna and visiting rules

The Finnish sauna and the rules of the visit in the Marokand Spa reads “A couple of bones do not break down”, “All diseases go away with sweat” – all these winged expressions originated in a well-known place – in a bath. People have long visited such establishments, because this is not just a way to become cleaner, but also an opportunity to improve, because the benefits of different baths and saunas are an established fact.

Many of us are already familiar with the Finnish sauna. Some even began to visit it more often than a normal Russian bath. Why is that? What is its positive effect on the body, and can such a sauna cause harm?

Rules for visiting the sauna:

– Do not worry about a full stomach, and also in a state of intoxication;

– Visiting session – about 15 minutes, then you need to take a break;

– place a towel on the seat so you do not get burned;

– before visiting the sauna it is worth taking a shower, but then dry it off, because the heat and humidity are a bad combination;

– spend time in the sauna better lying down, but the legs must always be located below the level of the head;

– Use to quench your thirst is not carbonated drinks or tea (green).

If you follow the procedure correctly, you can get the following from visiting a Finnish sauna:

  • When exposed to high temperatures, the body itself begins to include the function of thermoregulation. Active sweating and heat exchange processes are started, this in turn contributes to the normal functioning of the whole organism;
  • Experts have long proven that a ten minute stay in the sauna improves coordination of movements and motor reaction. But if we increase this time by half, we can achieve the opposite effect;
  • For the work of the heart, the sauna has a positive effect, the blood vessels become more full, the blood flow is stimulated, the volume, the oxygen flowing to the brain, increases. But if you do not limit the time spent in it, then there may be a heat stroke, fainting, dizziness, tachycardia.
  • The organism needs about 15-20 minutes rest after the sauna to restore its strength. Specialists do not recommend sharp cooling in the form of an ice shower or an ice hole, as this increases the burden on the heart and the entire body as a whole;
  • During the visit to the sauna there is a strong sweating, the flow of blood to the skin increases. And it further improves its elasticity, has a health and rejuvenating effect. Even people with various skin diseases (hives, eczema, psoriasis, furunculosis, etc.) can visit the sauna;
  • When you visit the sauna, the digestive system slows down its work, but at the same time its work is actively stimulated in the future. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat food before and during your stay in the sauna;
  • Sauna is very useful after a strong physical fatigue, as they contribute to the rapid recovery and removal of lactic acid from the muscles;
  • After visiting the Finnish sauna, a person has an appetite, improves sleep, goes nervous and restless;
    High temperatures actively stimulate the human immune system, and this helps get rid of unwanted viruses and bacteria;
  • If you visit the sauna correctly, you can even get rid of extra pounds;
  • Sauna beneficially affects people with diseases such as arthrosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis.
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