The Finnish sauna, fortunately, more and more people started to think again about a healthy lifestyle. And what is a healthy lifestyle? This is not only a refusal from alcohol and smoking, physical education and sports, proper nutrition, full sleep and fresh air. Hygiene and hardening procedures in this sense are also very important, and from this point of view the Finnish sauna can be considered one of the most effective means of healing the body.

After hiking through the architectural sites of Samarkand, we recommend visiting our sauna for complete relaxation and recovery. The procedures that we offer are suitable for all ages. Our comfortable conditions will not leave you indifferent.

Physicians consider the Finnish sauna an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins and restore muscle work. Therefore, visiting the sauna is recommended after training and any sports activities. The sauna helps to relax, relieve stress, and of course, has a positive effect on the skin.

It is known that our skin reflects the state of health in general. You can judge the health of a person by the color of the skin, its elasticity and elasticity, greasiness and humidity, and also by the thickness of the layers. It is believed that healthy skin should have a pink tint, thanks to a good blood supply.

Finnish sauna

The healing effect is also due to the fact that the hot air we breathe, stimulates blood supply to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and stimulates their cells. A strong warming up of the body improves and speeds up the metabolic processes – this explains the beneficial effect on the skin.

Previously, the Finnish sauna did not use a broom, but simply warmed up and sweated. Today in many saunas, including in Finland itself, they are happy to soar with brooms, and even watered on rocks, although mostly for this, infusions of herbs are used.

As a result of visiting the Finnish sauna, many toxins and toxins are not only removed. Our lungs begin to work harder, the heart pumps blood more actively, stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Sauna in Samarkand, this is a very useful institution. After walking through historical Samarkand, many tourists feel fatigue and dry skin. Therefore, the Spa Marokand Sauna & Spa offers a full service of restoring the body from aggressive weather factors in our region.

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