Turkish Hamam

“Ham” – Turkish bath, its origin is due to Roman terms. The name “hamam” comes from the Arabic word “boor” – “hot”. The hamam was heated with a large boiler with water. Steam, formed from the boiling of water, was fed through small holes located in the walls. The interior decoration of the Turkish baths has always been luxurious, for another prophet Muhammad declared the trip to the bath mandatory, saying “Purity is half of faith” (Muslim, Taharet, 1). So the Turkish baths received a mass distribution. Subsequently, a special philosophy of “hamam” developed in Turkey, special traditions and rituals were associated with it. The Turkish bath has always been considered a source of true pleasure in the East.

Often, the temples of other religions were rebuilt under the hammam and here and there the surviving Roman baths. The main distinguishing feature of this type of bath is a special temperature regime. It is not as hot as a regular sauna or sauna (temperature range from 30 to 55 degrees), ideal for people who do not like or do not tolerate high temperatures. It also provides a Turkish bath with popularity among women. Women’s baths in Turkey are always built next to men’s, they have one source of water and heat supply, but different entrances. In the case where the funds from the local community or the builder, in modern terms, the construction of a separate bath was not enough, the bath was built alone. For women there was a separate day (often they are shared with men even and odd), in which a rope just hangs across the front door, as a sign of “women’s day”. This applies to a large number of Muslim countries in the Middle East and Central Asia.

For Turkish women visiting baths is a separate ritual, part of public life, a place where you can discuss business, share news, gossip. Every Turk once a week is obliged to let his wife go to the bathhouse. Women gathered in the hammam as a holiday: they dressed up in beautiful clothes, took sweets with them. In the hammam, they drank coffee and communicated, often spending the whole day there from morning to night.

What is useful for a Turkish hamam?

Hiking in the steam room has a positive effect on the condition of a person who has no contraindications.

1.The health benefits of hamam lies in the positive effect on the skin condition. Thanks to the cleansing of the body, the effect of rejuvenation is achieved.
2.Recommended the steam room for the accumulation of salts, rheumatism and other problems with the motor apparatus.
3.Finding out information about the hamam, what it is and what benefit it has, it is worth noting a favorable effect on the respiratory and nervous system.

It is really a holiday of feelings, overwhelming those who visited the Turkish baths of Samarkand. Not for nothing the hamam is translated as “spreading heat”. By the way, the hamam in Samarkand differs from the usual ideas about the bath. Multiple soaping, intensive massage, rinsing with warm and cool water – all this is a real hamam. A distinctive feature of the Turkish baths of Samarkand is the mandatory heating of not only the steam room, but the walls, the floor, the sunbeds. Let’s add also that the Turkish baths of Samarkand is not only an opportunity to plunge into the ancient ages but also to understand why in the east it is Kham that is the place of relaxation and renewal. A real hamam at Marokand Sauna & Spa is accompanied by a pleasant interior and a high level of service. The best Turkish baths of Samarkand.

The cost is 40 000 soums per hour for 1 person

Included in the price:
-Turki hammam;
-Sleep, towel;
-Bathrobe, Slippers
-Shampoo & Soap


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